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5 items Remi and I need for Spring: Guest Blog from a Texas Mama!

Written by Devin Cooper


Posted on April 16 2019

The weather is about to be gorgeous here in Houston, so we love to visit the parks and waterways here and hang out in the evenings. Remi gets cold the closer to the water we get and as the sun goes down but I want her to wear her cute spring/summer dresses and also make sure she’s not too cold. To make us all happy, because we all know when the 3-year-old is happy, everything runs smoothly here are my 5 must-haves for spring.
  1. The Little Unicorn Everywhere Blanket: We keep this in the back of the van. It’s large enough for my family of 6, it’s wipeable, has its own carrying straps and it’s beautiful.
  2. Babiators: My girls, especially Remi, love sunglasses, but they can be pricey just to break but the Babiators are stylish and durable plus won’t break my bank.
  3. Natives: I haven’t always been a big fan of these shoes because I guess I just saw them as basic BUT have you seen the new spring/summer prints!? They are amazing and bonus Remi can put them on herself.
  4. Rylee&Cru: I love R&C. It’s beautiful, simple and perfect for spring/summer.
  5. Cardigans: They are easy to just throw on over those cute spring/summer dresses when the temps drop at night.
We are excited for Spring/Summer and we are prepared for adventures into the evenings.