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Baby Feeding Favorites

Written by Leslie Stauffer


Posted on February 13 2020

With all of the harmful chemicals, toxins and ingredients added into everything now, I’ve been dreading my little guy becoming old enough to eat. It’s stressful enough to decide on their very first foods and how to implement and introduce them to these new foods. I’m also someone who likes to do their research on something before they buy it, and I found comfort in knowing STC does the same!! I know that by going on their website any item I order has been researched and is safe for my little babe to use! Each item is completely free of anything harmful and not to mention they are all also so convenient for parents. My favorite plate and bowl also have a suction foot attached to them and it has decreased the messiness of meals a lot! Here are a few of my favorites below.
This is a plate and spoon set that comes with a suction on the bottom! Made from lightweight bamboo and silicone, It’s made free of any harmful chemicals. It also comes in a wide selection of bright, beautiful colors! 
These are also made from lightweight bamboo and silicone, and also free of harmful chemicals! These come in a set of 5 and are perfect for those very first bites! They have a long handle and small spoon ending perfect for itty bitty mouths. 
This set is my favorite!! I love the look of it! This whole brand has a variety of colors that are mostly neutrals and very subtle. The set comes with 1 bowl, 1 teething spoon (my little guys favorite) and a suction foot for the bowl. Everything is made from natural materials and it’s also machine washable! 
This is one of the coolest cups I’ve seen! It’s 100% silicone and it has the stretchiest top that will fit on any cup. It prevents big spills and is super easy to wash and clean. The color combo always draws my little one to it! 
Thanks to mama Haley E for her guest blog! She is a mom to two beautiful babes and we love having her in the STC family!