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Best Stocking Stuffers of 2018

Written by Haley Thomann


Posted on November 26 2018

Do you find yourself every year waiting until the last minute to get all those stocking stuffers? And because you did wait until that last minute you end up buying a bunch of cruddy little items that your child will look at once, MAYBE? Then those little plastic dollar section toys get lost in that scary, far away place called THE BOTTOM OF THE TOY BOX, next to an old cheerio & juice box straw, never to see the light of day again?! I know it's happened to me a few times! The holiday season is BUSY! We are so wrapped up in our crazy schedules, holiday parties, shopping for, you think you have enough time but all of a sudden there is just a week until the big guy comes down that chimney. YIKES! 
Well, let's change that scenario this year! I'm vowing to myself to get the stocking stuffers crossed off the list early, and not only that but to actually get MEANINGFUL and USEFUL stocking stuffers. Thankfully for you and I, Sweet Tea & Caviar is that one stop shop for all of the best stocking stuffer items. I can feel 100% good about what I'm putting in those stockings, and that I'm supporting a small business at the same time. STC takes the time to hand curate all the items they sell. I KNOW owner, Leslie Cooper, would NEVER put anything on the shelves that she herself would not use on her own two darling children, and that's a really good feeling. Because, guys, do we really know where those little plastic dollar bin "Lego" guys come from or are made out of? How about the dollar store bath bomb? No shame to the dollar store- they are great for some things! But I'm not about to put my kid in a bath with a dollar store bath bomb. Nope. Plus let's support small businesses more this holiday season. When we shop from STC we directly support a family, a family that works hard to bring the best children's items from around the globe to us consumers. They take the guesswork out of shopping for us. I say it all the time, but STC is truly a one-stop shop for all of your childhood & even mothering needs from ages 0-6! They have products from THE SOFTEST undies for both mom & dad to nipple cream for mom, to socks and toothpaste and the most coveted Thanksgiving outfit for your kiddos! That's something I'm willing to support, a shop that makes shopping EFFORTLESS (besides deciding on which super cute Slumberkins your child needs! I mean, they kinda need them ALL! ).
This holiday season Sweet Tea & Caviar is bringing on more toys than EVER To make the shopping even EASIER, STC is having some really awesome Black Friday sales, so after you read through all these great stocking stuffer recommendations & eat your turkey, head on over to shop some of the best Black Friday deals around! 
I TRY to be meaningful when putting together my boy's stockings. Some years I kill it ( like I will this year! ) And others, ehhh, well, I fail ( hello 10 bags of fruit snacks & Hershey kisses). What do I mean by "meaningful"? Well, I like to pick toys that are well made, and that my children will ACTUALLY play with. I also love to, and always do, include USEFUL NECESSITIES, such as toothbrushes, a binky, hair detangler, lotion, a set of silverware, a sippy cup, a set of washcloths, a hat, a cute pair of socks! It's definitely easier to get away with putting those necessity items in Baby & toddler stockings rather than bigger kids stockings, but just switch up the ratio ( baby gets more necessity items & bigger kids get more toy items) and make sure it's still cool stuff & they will love it. TRUST ME! Plus it makes total sense, the necessary items are items we all need and use, and we all know these items can add up, you are able to get away with passing needed items as gifts. Win-win! 
Okay, so let's dive on in, shall we?! I have split the lists into two sections, a Baby Stocking Stuffer guide: ages ranging from 0-2 possibly even 3, and then the big kid stocking stuffer guide best for ages 3-6 years.
BIBS pacifiers- These are a newbie to Sweet Tea & Caviar, but are a must-have with many many moms and babes! They are so beautiful & functional! It's a win-win! Bibs were born in Denmark and have been family owned for 40 years. Their pacifier nipples are made out of 100% natural latex, and entirely free from BPA, PVC, & Phthalates. They are tested in the USA for compliance and all consumer product safety regulations by a CPSC approved lab, AM Testing Labs. 
Manhattan Toys Twiggies Sammy Dear - The cutest little deer ever! Your babe will love cozying up to him! 
Baby Paper Crinkle paper - we all know how much babies LOVE that sound of crinkling paper! These are a perfect go-to stocking stuffer! 
Kleynimals Arctic Friends Toy Rattle - Toy keys that are SAFE!! You do not have to fret about your little one playing with these adorable 100% stainless steel, non-toxic, eco-friendly, realistic toy keys! They are also all welded together, so there is no need to worry about them coming apart! 
Avanchy Infant Feeding Spoons - The perfect practical stocking stuffer! These spoons are made out of bamboo & 100% food grade silicone! Free from all nasty chemicals, and the tip is soft to help prevent injury during self-feeding exploration! 
Ryan and Rose Lotus Cutie Clip - A fun & fashionable way to make sure you don't lose those Bibs pacifiers! Also to make sure they don't fall on the yucky ground. Ryan and rose have a large array of adorable paci clips over at STC! Handmade in the USA from chrome & lead-free American leather. 
Sugar Booger Matryoshka Doll Silicone Teether set  - Another brand that is new to Sweet Tea & Caviar is Sugarbooger. They have fun & whimsical designs across their line of cups, plates, snack cups, sandwich holders & more!! This set of two adorable Matryoshka Doll teethers are nontoxic, BPA free, lead-free &  Phthalates free. They also have a cactus set that's perfect for your baby boy! 
Manhattan Toys Natural Classic Baby Beads - These are a classic must-have for any baby. Timeless and beautiful design that offers hours of fun! 
Quincy Mae Bone Baby Booties & Ribbed Bonnet and/or ribbed baby turban - Quincy Mae is a new baby basics brand that just launched this fall. It is a sister brand to an STC favorite, Rylee & Cru. Offering baby basics in a neutral color palette with minimal designs and certified organic cotton, there is really nothing you could go wrong purchasing of theirs. The baby booties are adorable and will fit perfectly in a stocking with a coordinated bonnet, and if you have a baby girl, throw in one of their gorgeous and stylish ribbed baby turbans as well. 
Tenth and Pine " Made with Love" long sleeved onesie - Yet another new to STC brand, Tenth & Pine makes gender neutral, 100% organic GOTS certified cotton onesies. The designs are professionally silk-screen printed in Los Angeles using eco-friendly non-toxic, water-based inks. The perfect little addition to your babe's stockings, just roll it up & pop it in! 
 Feeling Smitten Naughty or Nice bath bomb- Sweet Tea & Caviar is so excited to now offer these amazingly fun bath bombs! Feeling Smitten bath bombs are all handmade in the USA, with all ingredients from the USA with exceptions of their citric acid which is from Canada & their Dead Sea Salts, which you guessed it- come from the Dead Sea! All bath bombs are sulfate, paraben, and phthalate free and are safe and gentle for any and all skin types, which is why they are the perfect stocking stuffer! The Naughty or Nice bomb has a surprise of either " coal" or a treasure, its perfect for the season! Or you can choose one of their many other designs and scents! 
Beau Hudson Military Beanie ( for the lil dudes )  Baby Bling Army Green Knot Headband ( for the lil ladies)  - Both a slouch beanie and a super and stylish bow headband are perfect for the older kids stockings! Beau Hudson and Baby Bling are two trusted brands that have been around for years. Beau Hudson is a family owned business out of Australia and was founded in 2013. Baby Bling is a "mom & mom" owned shop and was established in 2005! All of their headbands are still made in the USA by hand by over 40 women! 
Replay Recycled Straw Cup & Utensil Set- Replay Recycled is really a brand you can feel good about. It is an American made, family owned and operated business since 1987! They create affordable, durable & sustainable kids tableware that is manufactured from recycled FDA approved food-safe plastic ( mainly used milk jugs). All replay items are BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates and surface coating free, and as of 2017 Replay has kept 20 million milk jugs out of the landfills. These are great products that LAST. The cups are a favorite in my household, and my boys love getting a fancy new cup with a straw! I used some yarn and tied the silverware to the straw cup and put it in the stocking, voila! 
Lapin and Me Mini Astrid Doll - Lapin and Me is a darling little toy and decor brand that makes timeless, vintage style items. This Astrid the Astronaut doll looks to be straight out of the 1950's, it's adorable! The perfect little figurine to play spaceship with, or maybe even make Astrid a race car driver?! You can't go wrong with this adorable little doll in your tots stocking!
Hip Peas Detangler - Hip Peas is the holy grail of kids bath products, as they truly are kid tested and mom approved. They use only the safest & natural ingredients in all of their baby and child products. My kids absolutely adore their entire line, they LOVE the way it smells, the way it lathers & the way it cleans gently yet effective ( so don't I!) it also leaves their hair feeling oh so soft. My kids actually WANT to help spray this detangler into their hair and then will actually sit and let me brush! Detangler is a must have for any kid with long hair, and I love the fact you get to knock out a necessary item & a gift at the same time. 
Slumberkins Snow Ultra Plush Yeti - A snuggle and adorable favorite at STC is Slumberkins, a mom-owned company established in 2016. They are cuddly creatures with intention and the mission to empower parents to teach their little one's social-emotional life skills. There are so many adorable creatures to choose from, but the holiday/ winter collection is just the perfect addition to any stocking. Each Slumberkins comes with his own affirmation card, and subsequently, each character has a board book you can purchase to go along with him & tell his story. The board books use an interactive story time approach infused with therapeutic techniques and skill-building exercises. Slumberkins has become a bedtime MUST at my house, with my little one even insisting on sleeping with his characters board book as well!! 
Hachette ABC Flash Cards - These sturdy, colorful flash cards are a no-brainer for any kids stocking! They make learning your alphabet fun and exciting, which is always a great thing! There are so many different uses for this set, from the obvious letter learning, to learning the sounds of each letter, and words that the letter starts with, to what colors the cards themselves are! Be sure to check out all the other really great Hachette products that would be perfect for under the tree! 
Manhattan Toy Varoom Builders & Pull Back Rescue Vehicles - All kids love to play with toy cars! These are the perfect little stocking stuffer that will give your kids hours of fun && stay at the TOP of that toy bin! Put a few of these in your child's stocking so they can have races and see which vehicle comes out the winner! The Varoom Builders are even rebuildable with pieces that can be taken off and put back on again! 
Maileg Sleepy Wakey Mouse in Box - STC has brought beloved & cherished Maileg toy company on just in time for the holidays! Maileg is a Danish brand that was established in 1999, with the philosophy of making well made, adorable, heirloom quality toys that will last. Maileg's items are always limited releases, therefore will become collectibles. They have a wide range and size of dolls, bunnies, rabbits, and mice, that have little homes in a milk crate or cigar box, or maybe even a circus tent! With little scooters and sidecars, and mini cradles and clothes racks. These are truly unique toys that stand the test of time. The baby mice and big brother/ big sister mice make perfect stocking stuffers and are a great start to your child's collection! 
Jack n' Jill Bio Toothbrush & Toothpaste - The perfect essential item for the kid's stockings! Jack n' Jill's bio toothbrush has soft bristles and an ergonomic handle that is made from 100% cornstarch, meaning its biodegradable & non-GMO. Yup, break the head with the bristles off and throw the handle in your compost pile once it's time for a replacement brush! Their toothpaste is a perfect choice for kids as it's fluoride free - meaning safe if your little one swallows it- sugar-free, color free, SLS free,  gluten free and has no artificial preservatives. It's also rich in Xylitol and has organic calendula that helps to soothe gums ( Hello 2-year molars!) 
Who WON'T be heading to the dollar store 3 days before Christmas Eve this year? That's right, it's YOU! Because I just handed you all the best stocking stuffer ideas on a silver platter. You're welcome. Now you can enjoy your Thanksgiving by eating all the best food and drinking all of the wine, and heck, you can enjoy your entire December now, because this is a huge chunk of your list that now has a big check next to it! So- with the help of this list, go get all the stocking stuffers you can possibly squeeezeee into those stockings. You got it this year, with the help of Sweet Tea & Caviar, we are all going to win the stocking game! Heck, maybe even get the hubs a pair of Kickee Pants Boxers for his stocking! *wink*