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Coordinating Siblings: Sisters Edition

Written by Devin Cooper


Posted on August 29 2019

Guest Blogger: Caitlin Robles, mama of two sweet girls and lover of STC!

Two years ago I was setting out on the long IVF journey to try and have my second child.  I had one daughter, Harper and would imagine having that second baby and what my new family would be like and being the shopper I am – what kind of clothes I would dress them in.  I would look around at all the families of four and roll my eyes at the siblings dressed alike or in matching head to toe outfits. 

Fast forward to now and we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl who will be turning 1 in October and dressing my girls in sibling sets and coordinating outfits has become my favorite thing to do.  I’ll add that I’m still not into dressing them exactly the same from the tops to the bottoms down to the shoes. I like them to have a little bit of a difference but still go together – if dressing your kids matching completely is your jam then go for it, to each their own and no judgment from me!  Coordinating for me means same fabric or pattern but in different cuts or maybe one girl would have a dress while the other has a romper and if you have a boy maybe he has a shirt or shorts. It could also mean just like colors and tones which I also love to do.

Sweet Tea and Caviar (STC) is my go-to place for buying my coordinating sister sets and if I had a boy I would be able to add him right into the mix.  Some of my favorite brands that STC carries which have some amazing choices for coordinating outfits include: Rylee and Cru, Jamie Kay, Pink Chicken (Blue Rooster for boys), Wild Wawa – and I could continue!!  I even like to coordinate my kid down to their PJs (call me crazy) and the best brand for style, functionality and sheer coziness is hands down Kickee Pants!

My favorite Pink Chicken coordinating set that is available right now at STC are the Dollie Bubble and Doll Leggings paired with the Bette Top.  The bows on the bloomer and details on the thigh are navy and I might pair with the navy dot baby bling bow and some navy knee socks.  This year STC will be carrying humble soles and a pair of those for each girl would complete the looks!

If you were looking for something for a boy and a girl a good option could be the pieces by Huxbaby are adorable.  The Demin Relaxed Pant paired with the Banana Stripe Sweatshirt make a great casual outfit for a boy or a girl.  I love the Demin Overalls – the details make them a little more feminine, the back is gathered making them fitted around the waist giving them a more fitted look.  The ruffle sleeves on the Unicorn Onsie are so adorable and under the overalls make a really sweet outfit.  Bonus you can grab a pair of bloomers or leggings and make another outfit with the onsie.

Another option for coordinating might be the same style of clothes but in a different coordinating color.  I like to do that a lot with accessories, like sweaters or hats. The Blueberry Hill has the most adorable popcorn sweaters (pomegranate, mustard) which should definitely be in everyone’s closet as a fall staple.  I am also obsessing over the mustard and pink popcorn hats which I will put on both girls but with different coats.

Jamie Kay makes it very easy to be able to assemble coordinating outfits for the whole family, boys and girls.  All of the items are made out of either 100% cotton muslin or 100% organic cotton. The outfits on the left - I can just picture a little girl in the Willow Hugo Overalls with a cream sweater and tights, a boy in the willow George pant with a little sweater, and a baby girl in the rose Floral Cotton Frill Bodysuit with bloomers and knee socks.  Or similarly the outfits on the right - a little girl in the Coconut Lola Blouse, a toddler or baby in either the Clay Riley Romper or Clay Bloomers with the Cloud Lila Blouse – add tights/knee socks and sweaters and the family is ready to go. All of the below items can be found in Jamie Kay Grace Drop 2.



Out of the upcoming fall lines getting ready to drop the two I am most excited about are Wild Wawa and Rylee and Cru STC will be carrying many of their beautiful pieces offering a ton of options for coordinating sibling outfits.  Some pictures below to get you as excited as I am! Wild Wawa:

Rylee and Cru:


Last but not least, I mentioned how I even coordinate my kids down to their PJ’s.  Our favorite brand for this is Kickee Pants.  Not only are they super soft, the colors/patterns are beautiful and the costs aren’t outrageous making them even better.  Two of my favorite designs currently available at STC are the Blush Rainbow and the Dusty Sky Happy Tornado!


I could literally go on and on because STC carries so many amazing brands with so many options for coordinating sibling outfits.  I honestly recommend going through the brand list, brand-by-brand, to open your eyes to new options and discover all the amazing possibilities.  Happy Hunting!!