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Guest Blog: #bagsfrombottles

Written by Tiffany Baker


Posted on September 19 2018

Have you ever had someone ask you if you carry rocks in your diaper bag while holding it just for 5 seconds for you?! No? Is it just me?! LOL... I carry everything and anything there is to be needed or the “just in case” I ever need it in our diaper bag, and it’s heavy, but now that my boy is going on 24 months and is obsessed with backpacks, as I am with purses, I couldn’t be happier because that means LESS clutter in his diaper bag, YAS!!! 
We recently got the Camo Bayside Backpack by Parkland, have you heard the hashtag #BagsFromBottles. Yes, this company was established in 2015 and makes all of its products from 100% recycled water bottles, how AMAZING is that!!!? You wouldn’t be able to tell while touching and feeling the material of this backpack, and I cannot tell you enough how important it is for our Mother Earth that we, as individuals, recycle as much as we can. Did you know that is takes 1,000 years for a water bottle to break down in landfill, wowza. Also, did you know that only 1 in 5 water bottles are recycled globally, while those other 4 don’t sound like much, we’re talking globally, this could be billions of bottles not being recycled (hand palm to the face emoji here) 
We moved to O’ahu, HI a few months ago and recycling has never been so important to me and teach my babe how recycling helps not just to have two types of trash cans in our home but to save lives!!! To save our marine animal’s lives, our birds, our plants, to make this place a more beautiful place and keep trash where it belongs. We go on walks on the beach and our motto is now to “leave this beach cleaner than we found it” and let me tell you, we pick up bags of bottles, candy/food wrappers, zip lock bags, straws, everything you can think of and this is literally where the waves are hitting our feet. And yes, it makes me so sad to hear that our wild animals suffer from our negligence and our laziness just because we can’t put the trash where it goes even if it’s just a few feet away from an arm’s reach. 
Let’s get back to why this brand is totally great, not just because it recycles water bottles and turns them into duffles, backpacks, totes, accessories for kids and adults but because they make great products while doing so. This is what “Let’s Make America Great Again” actually stands for, and I couldn’t be more than pleased to support this brand. Did you know that for every Parkland Bee print bag sold (STC carries) one dollar will be donated to WE Charity’s Opportunity Pillar which empowers communities to lift themselves out of poverty using tools such as beekeeping, this is The Bees Knees y’all. 
And in case you have no idea how a water bottle can be made into a more amazing something, here are the steps (you can also find an illustrated video on how it’s done
  1. Sort water bottles
  2. Shred water bottles
  3. Melt water bottles 
  4. Spin the melted plastic 
  5. Weave it
  6. Dye it 
  7. Sew it
And that’s how it’s done. It’s seriously amazing what some people come up with just to make this place a healthier environment for all of us and being a part of Sweet Tea Caviar a babies’ boutique  that some people may think it’s just a store!? With all the obvious question marks on their faces. No this is not just a “store” this baby boutique, the owner, the family members they all come together to bring you the best brands out there. The brands that don’t harm your baby’s skin with harsh chemicals, the brands that are changing the world one backpack at a time. This is why STC is the best baby boutique. 
Now that I gave you a sweet intro on why you should recycle and what Parkland is all about, let’s talk product. It takes 12 water bottles to make just one backpack these bags are extremely durable and come with a limited lifetime warranty from the company. This bag is spacious, stylish and super easy to clean!! I couldn’t ask for more. LOL! You can just wipe it down with a baby wipe because what mom doesn’t clean everything with a baby wipe am I right?!? It features a mesh material water bottle/zippy cup pocket on the right side of the bag, a front zip pocket (where he stores all of his crayons and markers) an interior divider to make sure everything is secured and organized and a little writable name tag on the inside. This backpack is light but also fits tons of good stuff for your little, from snacks, coloring books, books and even their favorite toy or stuffed animal. It is the perfect size for toddlers, this also teaches them to be responsible and take care of their stuff. Every time before we head out me and Adrian empty his backpack and brainstorm on what he will want for the day, he grabs a bag of cookies, a juice box, his favorite book and sometimes his toothbrush (I know this one is too funny and does not belong but he loves brushing his teeth) and every day is something new and I love exercising this routine with him, even though there are times he wants to eat his snacks right away I tell him we can save them for the car ride. 
If you liked how a recycled water bottle can be turned into a backpack, I totally recommend to check out the brand  Re-Play also available at because these products are made from FDA approved 100% recycled milk jugs. Made in the USA, BPA,PVC, phthalates and surface coatings free. You can find cups, plates, bowls and even utensils for your little ones. This brand has saved over 20 million milk jugs to date from landfill and turning them into fun colorful and durable food save plastic. 
Go check out the variety of awesome world changing brands STC has to offer, make an order and don’t forget to tag #taffytagsthursdays with a picture of your taffy (not eaten) for a change to be featured and win $10 shop credit!! 
Guest Blog by: Brenda Espino