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Guest Blog: Fore Axel & Hudson

Written by Ashley Vanlerberg


Posted on September 25 2018



Gus sported his new Fore Axel & Hudson shirt and shorts set from Sweet Tea and Caviar to church today!  The shirt is nice, breathable and soft, not stiff like other button ups. It looked adorable, all while being comfy and easy to wear (and easy to get him dressed, because sometimes that can be a struggle!)  I was also very impressed with these shorts. Our little dude has some seriously chubby legs and with that diaper booty and I was worried the waistband and legs on these shorts would be uncomfortable- I was so wrong! They are stretchy and soft  and they have a single button to clasp- no zipper to mess with. Gus hung out at child care at church and was able to play and move around in his outfit- but also look so stylin’.
We love Fore Axel & Hudson. Like any new mom, when we found out we were having a boy last summer I got to shopping.  Finding hip, cool baby boy clothes was a struggle at first, until I stumbled into Sweet Tea and Caviar! I immediately bought a button up and a couple rompers from Fore Axel and Hudson.Their mission is to create stylish, hip boys apparel and they do just that. They are also starting the process of giving back to their community- specifically children, by partnering with other charitable organizations. Now that’s a company I can get behind!
We loved this Fore Axel & Hudson look so much, I can’t wait to see what else they have next time I’m in Sweet Tea & Caviar! Speaking of the next time I’m in Sweet Tea & Caviar (which let’s be honest- i’m in there all the time!) I’m excited to get Gus his first pair of Natives shoes.I think they will be perfect for his thick, chubby feet. I’ve also been meaning to pick up a Kleynimals Stainless Steel key toy. He has been reaching for my keys like crazy lately, so I think this will be perfect!
Guest Blog by: 

Marne Gorder Fleming