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New Year's Resolutions for the Whole Family

Written by Haley Thomann


Posted on December 31 2018


As 2018 comes to an end, we look back on the memories made and feel ambitious about starting fresh. Year after year, it is easy to make the same resolutions, only to fall short, so this year we decided to share some resolutions that bring our families closer together and help us enjoy those special moments, big or small! 


1.) Eliminate the screen time and be engaged: You may assume we are talking about cutting back on the screen time for those littles, but we are talking about those cell phones we all find ourselves glued to. The more our kids see us off our screens and engaged, the less they will care about their screen time.  Maybe that means playing a board game? Or getting involved in their imaginative play? How about flashcards or a puzzle together? 








(Playtime Essentials: Memory GameSolar System Puzzle, 50 States Flash Cards, Tree House)


2.) Sticking to a routine: It's so easy to fall short on this. We are tired. They are tired. Sometimes you are willing to do whatever it takes just to get through the day! How about creating a fun bedtime routine your kids will be excited to do? We can't recommend these fun shadow puppets enough! After bath, PJs, and brushing those teeth, you can snuggle up together and create your own bedtime story! 


(Bedtime routine essentials: Hip Peas Shampoo and Body WashJack N Jill Bio Toothbrush, Kyte Baby PJs.)


3.) Cooking Together: We don't doubt somewhere on your list of resolutions, eating healthier makes an appearance. How about getting everyone involved? Start cooking meals together. Show your kids how much fun it can be and let them feel a part of the process. You never know, maybe they will love cooking vegetables so much, they will even eat them! Another great way to get them involved is by having them set the table! Choosing the color of their plate or cup can be a real game changer! Keep a variety on hand with RePlay gear. Have babes that are too young to help? Put them in their highchair and pull them right up to the action! They love watching you!



4.) Getting Active: Much like being healthier always making the list, so does working out. This can be so tough with those small humans hanging all over your and sucking away your energy. Try getting active together! We don't mean putting them in the stroller and going on a run (that's fine too!). We are talking about cheesy workout videos, using the kids as free weights, dancing until you are out of breath! Some days, that may be the only way to fit it in and that's ok! Want to really get into it? Kick off the year with a new pair of tennis shoes! We LOVE Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube! Check them out here! 








5.) Kindness Matters: Teaching kindness is something we should ALL be focusing on in the new year. From donating to those in needed, volunteering, or simply smiling at others, it is our job to show these sweet souls how to spread kindness every dayWe LOVE Doll Kind and their mission. They come with tokens of kindess that your kids can pass along to others, too. 



What are your family resolutions this year?


No matter what you choose as your resolutions, we wish you the happiest New Year! Cheers!