Newborn Essentials

Written by Haley Thomann


Posted on August 21 2019

Guest Blog By: Haley Evans
Sweet Tea & Caviar carries all of the necessary newborn essentials! Being a new mom again was overwhelming with researching safe and effective products for my new little babe. In a world where harsh chemicals are so commonly found in products for babies, I knew I needed to dig a little to find what would be perfect and safe for us! Every item Sweet Tea & Caviar carries is thoughtfully planned and researched by the owner herself! Here are a few of our favorites :
1. Mustela Diaper Rash Cream - 98% of items ingredients are completely natural and it has no added fragrance so it’s super gentle on those little bums! It also doesn’t just heal rashes that have already occurred, but it prevents, relieves and protects from future rashes! It’s always in my diaper bag and I even have a spare hiding out for when we run out.
2. Frida Baby Windi - This has been a lifesaver for us! With my first baby, I never had to experience colic or what babies go through when they have painful gas that they can’t relive. But with my second, we knew right away the pains or colic and how uncomfortable it makes each poor little babe! The Windi has helped SO much! I love that I don’t have to give my baby unnecessary medicines, this is all natural and relives his gas right away! I’d recommend it to anyone with a baby experiencing colic! 
3. Jellycat- By far our most favorite stuffed animals EVER!! They are the softest stuffed animals we’ve ever had and are so well made. Jellycat has been a go-to in our life for a while now since my 4 year old daughter has so many. But, I knew when we were expecting again we definitely needed some more. My little guy loves loving on his Jellycat and feeling how soft the fur is. 
4. Little Unicorn - Our little unicorn swaddles are definitely a must have. We use them regularly at home, and I’m always throwing them in our diaper bag when on the go. Right now - we are dealing with this summer heat and the Muslin is so soft and breathable. They also hold up so well with each washing! 
5. Quincy Mae - This is by far my most favorite baby clothing brand! We recently had a new baby boy - and I was so tired of seeing only cars, alligators and monsters on every piece of clothing. This line brings you lots of solid pieces, stripes and dots. Everything is super simple yet so beautiful! It’s also all organic and suuuuper soft for those new little babes! 
6. Eco Piggy - After searching and searching for a safe pacifier. I believe I finally found it! The eco piggy is made from 100% natural rubber and is BPA free. My little guy has loved it from the beginning! 
7. Fat Brain Toys - I’m a lover of toys. I especially love toys that stimulate the brain and help babies develop. I highly recommend all Fat Brain Toys but one of my favorites is the Fruit Friends. This is a set that comes with 3 toys, an orange, watermelon slice, and pear. The orange separates into four separate pieces and magnetically stick together. The Pear is the sweetest little wobble toy that has the prettiest chime inside and the watermelon slice comes apart and is stackable!