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Stucking Stuffer Ideas

Written by Cheyanne Daniels


Posted on December 04 2019

It’s that time of year again and Christmas is right around the corner. The most magical time of year can a lot of times turn into the most stressful trying to find all the right presents for all the people on your list.  Where I always end up struggling and leaving until the last minute are the stockings. If you are like me you wait until black Friday/Cyber Monday to do a lot of your shopping - and this year they aren’t doing us any favors with Thanksgiving being so late in the month leaving us with just 3.5 weeks to finalize everything before the big day!

Stockings are my favorite part of christmas so I don’t know why I always leave them until the last minute. After all the presents from Santa have been looked at and played with and all of the presents under the tree have been opened remembering that you still have a stocking full of goodies to go through keeps the magic going and some of the best things come in those little packages.

This year I have vowed to do better and to reduce my stress levels I have started making a list of what I will be getting during the sales to put into those magical stockings and want to share with everyone to hopefully help out some other tired/busy mama’s. 

Babies 2 and under

I like to do a mix of fun things and then things they actually need since they really don’t know the difference at this point anyway.

Baby Bling Bows - if you are shopping for a girl these bows are a must for their stocking.  They come in so many colors and patterns you can have one to coordinate with any outfit.

Bibs Pacifiers - If your babies like mine are attached to their paci’s you can never have enough so sticking a few in their stockings makes both of you happy.  Our go to are BIBs both baby and I love them b/c they are still stylish and come in beautiful colors that don’t clash with outfits.

Getting Sew Crafty - If you get some pacifiers I absolutely recommend a paci clip.  The ones by getting sew crafty come in a variety of colors and as a bonus double as a teether!

Oli and Carol Teethers - My daughter is one year old and is JUST getting teeth now, she chews on everything!  These adorable teethers not only get the job done for a teething babe but are also stylish.

JellyCat Activities Books - These adorable books tell a story and keep kids busy at the same time.  They come with a velcro loop so you can attach them to your stroller or highchair and not have to worry about them landing on the ground and getting dirty and that back in your babies hands and mouth. 

Grabease fork and spoon set - so great for a baby to help them explore eating without hurting themselves.  It is so cute to see them use these little forks and spoons and feel so accomplished when their food makes its way into their mouths.  Here is a pic of little miss Everly going to town with hers.  

Cuddle and kind - the smaller doll - I love the bigger one but for stockings the little one is perfect. I always like to get a cute stuffy to hang out the top of my stockings and these are adorable and huggable and each doll sold provides 10 meals to children in North America and around the world!!

Slumberkins - If your kids already have a cuddle and kind doll another fantastic option are slumberkins! Each slumberkins comes with an affirmation card with a positive message or routine that teaches kids something. The one I’m loving right now is the unicorn, the story teaches kids the importance of being yourself and being brave.  The Unicorn Snuggle bundle comes with the doll, affirmation card and the story book - at a great price! 

Fat Brain Toys - These toys are amazing and STC has a great variety to choose from.  The one I am going for this year is the spheres. The bright colors and the variety of ways to play with the toy will keep babies busy for a while! As a dual bonus they also encourage fine motor skills and coordination helping your babies grow.

A new hat or bonnet - we are loving Jamie Kay’s cable knit hats right now!  They are so cozy and look adorable on. Our other favorite is the wild wawa pom bonnets in corduroy.  I like to just put “hat” or “bonnet” in the search bar to see all of the options that pop up. STC has so many great ones available and usually whatever you pick you can also get a coordinating one for the older sibling.  

Toddlers/Kids 3 and older 

I still try to give them something they need but this time more fun things and activities to keep them busy.

Piggy Paint - This nail polish is perfect for little kids.  It's non-toxic and hypoallergenic making it safe for all kids. Another bonus is that it comes off super easy with just water. 

Hatchette Andy Warhol Soup Can Crayons - What makes these crayons so special is the storage tin that they come in. No more broken cardboard boxes and searching for containers to store crayons in.  

Land of Dough - This playdough is not only beautiful it is all organic and safe for your toddlers little hands to be playing with. Another bonus is the containers are 100% recycled materials.  Another toy you can feel good about bringing into your home. 

Tegu - These magnet wooden blocks are SO cool! The smaller sets are perfect for popping into your diaper bag and bringing with you on the go.  I can envision a nice dinner out while my toddler is staying entertained! 

Maileg - As always give me all the maileg!! These mice are seriously magical and littles can spend hours of imaginative play.  They come in adorable little boxes that are the mouse's beds. I love the kitchen set that you can also purchase. If you don’t have maileg yet it’s a good way to get your collection started. 

Jack and Jill electric toothbrush - This toothbrush gets kids excited about brushing their teeth and helps mamas out if this is a daily struggle (I know it is for me).  It plays music, gives instructions, and comes with stickers so kids can personalize it and make it their own.

Feeling Smitten Bath Bombs - all kids love bath bombs!  Feeling Smitten ones are one of the best ones I have found.  They let off a lot of fizz which kids love, they smell great and moisturize dry skin which moms love.  It’s a win-win!  

Moulin Roty storybook lamp projector - This is such a fun idea.  In our house, we love to tuck in and tell each other stories.  I tell my daughter one and then she tells me one. I can see this being a real hit being able to have a picture to go with the stories we make up.  I love how creative this toy is and brings stories to life!

Cuddle and Kind/Slumberkins - I mentioned these dolls above and I’ll mention them again as a great idea for big kids as well.  They are both so snuggly, my daughter loves to cuddle with hers (she has both!). 

Mudpuppy Counting Ring Flashcards - We have the Alphabet flashcards and love them, we do them every night.  Now that we have letters down I think it’s time to move to numbers! The flashcards make it fun by having great illustrations and tying objects to the letters or numbers.

I could keep going because there are so many options but I think from the list I put together my kids will be so happy and I can breathe a little easier knowing I have a game plan.


Guest blogger, Caitlin, is the mama of two beautiful girls and definitely knows her way around the STC brands!