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Guest Blog: TurtleDove London - More than just monochrome goodness!-Brenda Espino

Written by Tiffany Baker


Posted on April 16 2018





Ok, let’s just start by saying monochrome is an obsession in this house... seriously you can never go wrong with a cute black and white or grey anything!! It’s unisex, timeless and the more black your babe wears the less you can spot any stains!! Hallelujah right?

Organic IS the new black, why, you may ask? Simply because who wants nasty chemicals on their skin, let alone on our babes skin! Nope not me, our skin is our largest organ and everything you put on it will get absorbed and into our bloodstream. Also, in case you didn’t know 2.5% of the world’s land are cotton fields and the EPA aka the environmental protection agency considers 7 of the 15 most toxic chemicals are used when growing conventional cotton and about 20k people die a year from pesticide poisoning. Now that I gave you the rundown on non organic cotton let’s move onto why organic clothing (yes, more expensive but worth it) is the way to go... this amazing brand TurtleDove London makes all of their items GOTS (global organic textile standard) organic cotton certified, it makes their clothing so soft and so durable because no harsh chemicals are breaking down any of the raw cotton fibers, it’s perfect for babies’ and toddler’s skin and it helps the environment too, WINNING!! 

Last but not least, let’s talk about dungarees.. I actually had to google that word (insert crying laughing emoji) as I would like to call this garment a romper!! I love styling rompers you can definitely layer with a cute long sleeve or short sleeve cardi for cooler weather, roll up hems for a capri style fit or just by itself because it’s amazing and so comfy. Dungarees can be worn for playwear, loungewear or any occasion, it does not have snaps between the legs which I love!! Some moms may think it’s a hassle when it comes to diaper changes but I honestly prefer no snaps down there! It’s easy to pull down since it does have snaps on the chest area for a wider opening when putting it on or off. It fits loose through the body and tighter on the legs and it has two super simple super minimalistic X's below the knees which is actually meant for the “kiss” symbol hence the name up top. This dungaree is well made, it feels thick but also breathable and definitely looks like it won’t wear out after 3 or 4 washes like most big named brands out there. I also hang dry most of our clothes, they last longer and it helps with less pilling since there are no drying instructions on the tag. I recommend you also hand dry it or lay flat to dry. 

If you are not familiar with Turtledove London, it is very gender neutral and dresses 0-5 year olds. Each of their collections features a pop of color to compliment all things monochrome which is a super fun and creative way to never stay boring. Turtledove London is all about being bold, mix and match prints, clean lines and minimalism and I’m obsessed!!  They do everything from socks to swimwear which I already purchase the humbug swimsuit, literally fits like a glove and it has been tested to block 97.5% of UV rays, and no it does not mean you can skip the sunblock (reapply every two hours) but it will provide extra protection to your babes sensitive skin from the sun.


I would also recommend Earth Baby Outfitters, it is GOTS certified like most of the STC brands in stock and has a similar vibe, simple monochrome. 




In hopes this was helpful to some of you who might be struggling with the idea of “boutique clothing is so expensive” or “boys are too hard to dress”, look no further and do your research about organic vs non organic, gmo vs non gmo OR just read this entire post, ha! But seriously Sweet Tea and Caviar offer a variety of gender neutral and amazing quality clothes and accessories!! 

Who doesn’t love baby clothes, right?!! If you’re a mom and shopping for your babe, what do you look for when purchasing an item? Fit? Material? Design? We want to hear from you, share what your last purchase from STC was or your favorite kind of taffy you’ve gotten! Yay!