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4th Grade Science: Daily Practice Workbook

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4th Grade Science Daily Practice workbook by ArgoPrep is designed to help build mastery of foundational science skills. Our science workbooks offer students 20 weeks of practice of various science skills required for first grade including Physical Science, Life Science, Earth & Space Science, and Engineering. Students will explore science topics in-depth with ArgoPrep’s 5 E’S to build science mastery. - Engaging with the topic: Read a short text on the topic and answer multiple-choice questions. - Exploring the topic: Interact with the topic on a deeper level by collecting, analyzing and interpreting data. - Explaining the topic: Make sense of the topic by explaining and beginning to draw conclusions about the data. - Experimenting with the topic: Investigate the topic through hands-on, easy-to-implement experiments. - Elaborating on the topic: Reflect on the topic and use all information learned to draw conclusions and evaluate results.
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