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Mexican Food Play Dough Kit(please read description)

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These kits will come with DIY KITS to make the dough yourself instead of premade dough. We chose this option to give you optimal shelf life and play time!

Let’s taco about this kit! Our Mexican food kit introduces four different foods from Mexico and provides instructions on how to make tamales, tacos, elotes and conchas with play dough. It’s cute, fun and interactive and great for all ages. Key Features: • Infographic & instructional card • Custom mini wooden tortilla press • Three aluminum tins of 6oz dough  • Three popsicle sticks • Corn husks for tamales • Glitter • Tortilla press care: Using parchment paper or plastic wrap on the tortilla press will make removing dough easier. Regular application of food safe wood oils on the tortilla press is recommended to maintain the condition of the wood. 


Made in United States