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Bubble Tea Straw (Set of 3) - Sun & Sky

$12.00 USD

Each Bubble Tea straw comes with a cute embossed pattern that features our signature bear, bunny and cat characters that kids (and grown ups) in 40+ countries have fallen in love with over the years.

Slurped up the last sip of your tasty refreshment? Simply pop the Bubble Tea Straws in the dishwasher so it can take care of business for you or use the handy stainless steel cleaning brush that comes with every set to reach even the most hidden corners of your straw.

Here’s our invite to make the switch so single-use straws become a thing of the past. Let’s opt for reusable straws instead.

The Sun & Sky Bubble Tea Straw Set features 3 straws in blue dusk, mint and yellow to help you float through your day.