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A wistful desire to return to a former time in one’s life, to one`s home,
or to one`s family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the past,
its personalities, possibilities and events especially a „warm childhood“!
is motivating us to remember the past in our life's and helps us to unite us
to the authentic self and remind us of who we have been and who we feel we are
today. We get more sensibility of what we want be be down the road in the future.
Olhão, a historical place in the south of Portugal. Beautiful old houses with their
typical colorful tiles were the inspiration behind our new AW21 collection. Walking
trough the city streets you can feel and smell the
in the air. It catches you
in every corner of the old town. We got carried away by it‘s colors and designed this
collection as a tribute to this special place
We created a connection between our signature muslin in basic colors, embroidered,
printed and check patterns together with fine knits. This season we are also using
materials like corduroy and velvet. With our exclusive folk line, we extend the meaning of the designers personal meaning of nostalgia , which takes us back to her own
childhood. Through our signature scent on our soft and organic materials and all the
details in the fabrics and patterns we want to embrace it all to bring it closer to you.
With an exclusive folk line, we extend our collection with a combination of our
. The styles are made carefully of our high quality muslin in ecru,
with beautiful details as velvet edgings and embroidery stitched flowers in a warm
honey color. The collection embraces our signature LiiLU Scent.

Size: Size 1