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Fantasy and Confections Happy Pack

$27.99 USD

You don’t get more fantastical than this happy pack! We start with the majestic and playful Tattoo Palooza Funtastic Friends non-toxic temporary tattoo. You also get a set of taffy scented colored gel pens too! With 1mm nibs you can create fine line-work for words or art. You also get a cool collection of 12 unicorn themed graphite pencils with a set of vanilla scented Unicorn Donut erasers to sweetly make your mistakes a thing of the past! Make someone’s day amazing by giving this as a simple yet inspiring gift or party favor.

  • Tattoo Palooza Funtastic Friends
  • 6 colored Totally Taffy Scented Gel Pens with 1mm nibs
  • 12 Unique Unicorns Graphite Pencils with #2 graphite for writing and drawing
  • Unicorn Donuts Scented Erasers
  • Suitable for age 6 and up