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First Day of School Set- Unicorn Kin

$55.25 USD

Ease start-of-school nerves with a cuddly kin, board book, and mini backpack to support children’s transition from summertime to school. With Unicorn Kin, kids can prepare and practice the story’s lessons to start their first day with confidence. What’s Included: Unicorn Kin (Rose) Cuddling up with our Unicorn Kin provides little ones with a physical reminder of the lessons learned in Slumberkins’ stories. (6" W x 14" L) The Board Book - Unicorn Authenticity Instilled in each story are concepts and positive skills that can be practiced in everyday life. (5" W x 7" L) SlumberKINS Backpack Through imaginative play, children can build their confidence and act through school day routines as they practice packing up their kin. (4.5" W x 5.25" L x 2.25" Deep & SlumberKINS Backpack Materials: The shell and lining is 100% Cotton and the flap is 100% Nylon)
Made in Vietnam