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Coveted Things

Happiness Organic Swaddle

$34.00 USD

In this age of technology it is easy to get caught up in constant distractions. This Swaddle Scarf™ is a perfect reminder to stay focused and find happiness in each moment.

Coveted Things Swaddle Scarves™ are for the modern, design minded parents.  Each Swaddle Scarf™ is printed with a unique design that is sure to make you stand out in a crowd.  At 47" x 47", their substantial, eye catching size is perfect for among many other things: swaddling, hanging as a tapestry, covering strollers, breastfeeding covers, and most importantly cuddling.  A favorite design feature is that they also double as scarves for the baby and non-baby crowd.

Each Swaddle Scarf™ is shipped in its own reusable 100% cotton 'Coveted Things' logo drawstring bag.

100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified Organic Cotton.

They are light weight, super soft, and will get even softer, puffing up like a little happy cloud with every wash.  


Fabric color is white.  Colors may look varied on different screens.

Text reads:

'Happiness, Not in another place but in this place... Not for another hour, but this hour.' -Walt Whitman