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On-the-go Tether Grape

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Keep your baby’s teethers, toys, and snack containers off the floor or from getting misplaced with morepeas essential On-the-Go Tether! This pacifier clip is super stretchy, so you can easily attach it to strollers, car seats, carriers, shopping carts, and more.

Secure Your Baby’s Things
Make sure your little one’s tether or toy stays off the floor! When not in use, just attach the sippy cup leash to a suctioned Essential Snack Cup (sold separately), so it won’t drop on the floor.
To use it, just remove it and attach it to your stroller, cart, and more.

Tough and Sturdy
The colorful, baby pacifier clips and stroller toy straps are made of ultra-stretchy silicone. It won’t wear, fade or break with regular use.

• Safe, durable, sustainable and stylish
• Super stretchable
• Saves toys and cups from getting lost or falling on the floor
• Attaches to more peas™ snack cups, sippy cup & rainbow ring teether, strollers, car seats & more