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Postpartum Gummies for Pooping

$7.99 USD

For your postpartum pooping pleasure. After you push out baby, keep everything running smoothly with gummies made of prebiotic fiber - known to help keep your stools soft + regular. Easy-to-chew citrus and berry naturally flavored supplements are just what you need to make that first postpartum poop (and even future ones) a bit easier.

  • • PREBIOTIC FIBER: Packed with ingredients known to help keep your stools soft + regular.
  • • DAILY DOSE: 3 gummies daily; 30-count bottle (10 servings)
  • • NATURAL CITRUS + BERRY FLAVOR: Delicious taste with no artificial flavors.
  • • GOOD STUFF ONLY: Vegetarian friendly, and free of gluten, dairy and soy.
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