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Snack Pals


Our NEWEST addition to the WOW GEAR® Family, SnackPals®.

Dispenses snacks one mouthful at a time.

It seems like Magic! At first the serving cup is empty, but turn it upside down, give a little shake and...Voilà!!! Open the lid and your next few snacks are waiting for you!

SnackPals® ‘ Interlocking hinges dispense snacks one mouthful at a time. When the lid is closed the flow gate swings freely allowing a few snacks to escape. But when the lid is opened, the flow gate stays closed helping to ensure that snacks only go where they belong.

 Portion Control: Dispense snacks one mouthful at a time for healthy snack time fun. Helps with Potion Control & Rate of feeding!
 Easy & Fun to Use: Keep snacks organized and on hand.
 Less Spills: Means fewer snacks on the floor and under the car seat.
 BPA & PVC Free: 100% guaranteed food safe materials.
 Clean Storage: Keep the snack in while keeping germs, sand and dirt out!
 Dishwasher Safe: Clean all parts safely and easily

All of our new materials meet all the requirements as set forth by organizations such as:

• U.S. FDA food safety standards 
• U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) 
• European Community food safety standards 
• Japanese Ministry of Health & Welfare 
• California Prop 65

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