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Vanilla + Key Lime Little Foodie

$60.00 USD

  • LITTLE FOODIE SET INCLUDES: 1 Cassava PLA Cereal Bowl in Vanilla with 1 Silicone Lid in Key Lime, 1 Cassava PLA Sandwich Plate in Vanilla, 1 My First Cutlery Spoon & Fork Set, 1-2-3 Sip Cup in Vanilla Cassava PLA with Key Lime straw, and 1 detachable suction foot with airtight seal to provide added stability and help prevent major spills.
  • NEW & IMPROVED MATERIALS! New Cassava-based PLA is made from low-impact, renewable resources and is strengthened to support everyday modern family life. New silicone lids in fresh colors are water-tight and allow bowls to be easily stacked for storage, and improved suction foot is stronger and more consistent to prevent spills. Bowl has a lower profile that’s easier for little hands to reach.
  • EARTH AND FAMILY SAFE: Miniware is made with 100% natural plant-based ingredients. Miniware is compostable and 100% plastic free with no phthalates, BPA, BPS, or PVC. The polypropylene ring and silicone suction foot are both food grade level.
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY-TO-CLEAN: Modern & simple design makes it easy to take on the go or store at home. Dishwasher safe-can resist temperatures up to 284f/140c.
  • COMPLETE GIFTABLE SET! Little Foodie provides the perfect start for minis new to self-feeding and is created to help kids learn essential skills while reducing accidents and spills.