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Ryan and Rose

Willow Cutie Clip

$20.00 USD

Soft Pink Limited Edition
Bubblegum Pink Limited Edition
 Just like the willow tree, our Willow Cutie Clip represents strength, stability and structure, standing firm and withstanding the greatest of challenges. Willow Cutie Clips are braided using an imported European fabric. This jersey knit cording tends to run thicker, and is the least stretchiest out of all of our other cotton braided clips.  Please note, it is possible to fit this Cutie Clip through a Soothie pacifier; however, a thinner option {like our Whit or Hart Cutie Clip} may work better if that’s the binkie your babe prefers.  Measuring approximately 7” long, each hand braided fabric piece is securely attached to a lead-free Ryan & Rose clip.  Each clip is masterfully designed with a padded insert to protect the fabric it is attached to. Non-toxic adhesive is used to securely attach fabric to the clip.  Please note, each clip is handmade in Lakeland, TN by Sarah.